[ Behind ] the scene
Giselle E. Chan
Director of [ GEC ]
(1994, Argentina). Director, filmmaker and audiovisual artist. She works as an audiovisual, graphic designer and editor for 8 years in companies, services, projects and start-ups creating audiovisual content for social media, corporatives, commercials, animations, among others.
Graduated from the career of Image and Sound Design (2019) and the postgraduate Audiovisual Documentary. Narrate and represent the real (2021) both at the University of Buenos Aires.
‘Lapse, a waiting’ (2018) is her first short film which world premiere was at BAFICI [20] (Argentina) at the Argentine Short Films Official Competition, selected later in other 12 national and international festivals such as A l'Est du Nouveau (France) and FESTIFREAK (15º International Festival of Independent Cinema of La Plata, Argentina) where it received the Special Mention of the Juryfrom the Argentine Short Films Competition. Moreover, in 2019 she received the Distinguished Student Certificate of Recognition from the University of Buenos Aires due to the selection of the short film in various festivals.
She designed the interactive VR experience ‘The calligraphy of the 15 steps’ (2019) selected at the Immersive Technology Festival VR31 (Argentina), and showed at the Goethe-Institut’s Library (Argentina).
Her first feature film ‘Fade away, there and here latent’ (2023) is in postproduction with the support of INCAA.
During 2022, she instructed the Augmented Reality module at Virtual Experience (Argentina), teaching theoretical-practice lessons. This course had the support from the Ministry of Economic Development of Argentina.
She achieved seminars, courses and investigations related to audiovisual theory and practice at the University of Buenos Aires.

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