La [ Trochita ]
Film credits
Title: La Trochita 
Format: Serialized Short Film Series 
Genre: Experimental Documentary 
Duration: 3 minutes 
Director: Giselle Eliana Chan 
Production: Ariana Lucía Schneider 
Camera and Photography: Giselle Eliana Chan 
Editing: Giselle Eliana Chan 
Distributor: Ariana Lucía Schneider 
Country: Argentina 
Synopsis: known as the "Old Patagonian Express," "La Trochita" is an abandoned historic Argentine train that currently serves only a tourist purpose. Amidst the Patagonian vegetation and Andean landscape, "La Trochita" embarks on a journey through time in search of the original indigenous figure of the Argentine territory. "La Trochita" is the first short film in the "Andean Footprints" series, which focuses on historic Argentine trains that were abandoned in the past and now serve only a tourist purpose.

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