Vivencias [ aisladas ]
Interactive VR Documentary
Synopsis: A path through the experiences of passengers stranded in a hotel during the Covid outbreak in 2020. A transmedia piece that stems from the movie “Fade away, there and here latent” (2023), which documents the director’s odyssey and confinement in that context. An immersive, visual, and auditory experience that walks the fine line between the terrifying and the absurd.
Direction notes
"Isolated Experiences" arises from the director's own experience of having been confined to a hotel for 10 days during mandatory preventive quarantine in Buenos Aires when she was repatriated from Madrid in March 2020. She turns the experience towards the absurd: in a suffocating situation, absurd voice messages are exchanged in the WhatsApp group of the confined passengers. 
This project meant for the director, focusing her mind on an artistic activity that not only helped her pass the time but also continue exercising her profession.

Tech sheet
Format: Virtual Reality
Duration: 40 minutes
Target: Young adults of all genders between 15 and 35 years old, from the middle-class, and Spanish speakers                       
(Latin America and Spain).
Design: Giselle Eliana Chan
Music: Renzo Brassesco
Engine: Unreal Engine 5.0
Recipient devices: Oculus, Smartphones Android
Country: Argentina
Year: 2023.

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